Piedmont typical products from Italy are an exceptional specialty of Italian cuisine.


The Piedmont (located in northwest Italy) is one of the Italian regions richest in culinary traditions and typical products. Witness the fact that precisely in Piedmont was born on the Slow Food movement that attempts to rediscover and promote the local products.


Le vigne e le montegne tipiche piemontesi.


From the agricultural tradition of Piedmont comes a great variety of products that have become the protagonists of exceptional Piedmontese recipes, just think about the Piedmont hazelnut of the Langhe, the thistle from Nizza Monferrato, rice, etc ...


In Piedmont, as in few other regions of the world, the typical products are related to the culture of the place. Knowledge of various agricultural farming identifies the parts of the territory.

Hazelnuts, truffles, vineyards, corn joining the tradition of making the chocolate create an incredible variety of pastries, cakes, chocolates, cookies and many other products typical Piedmontese exquisite.

Also one of the most influential Italian chefs cooking  was Piedmontese, that Giovanni Vialardi that in the court of Savoy in the mid-800 has revolutionized the Piedmontese and Italian cuisine.

I biscotti tipici piemontesi i savoiardi accanto ai brutti e buoni alle nocciole.

The Piedmontese pastry chefs have created , over time, typical products known now all over the world, among which we can mention the cookies , torcetti , hazelnut cake without flour ,Gianduja cream with cocoa and hazelnuts, etc...

Livestock farming is also a unique heritage of Piedmont . The  " Piemontese " breed is one of the most popular meat in the world.

Pig farming is one of the first in Italy and also supplies the producers of raw and cooked ham from Emilia Romagna. Lately, it has also rediscovered in Piedmont the production of hams and they're trying to protect them in different ways, such as by entry in the European DOP Crudo di Cuneo . From these the Piedmontese meat and sausages have been able to get incredibly delicious and tasty as the Mustardela , Bra sausage , salami (like our salami with Barolo wine), potato , etc ...

A special mention deserves another product then the typical Piedmontese wine that has been able to reach the highest levels of quality and a global reach. From the Nebbiolo Barbera from Grignolino the great protagonist of the red wines from Piedmont Barolo . Among whites remember Gavi , Asti Spumante and Moscato , but the list would be very long .

Many local products were born in Turin and then spread throughout Italy and even the world , such as sticks, or macaroons Mombaruzzo. Fortunately, in recent years we are rediscovering the traditional local products forgotten for a long time as the thistle from Nizza Monferrato , Carmagnola peppers or leeks Cervere .


Our site www.dolcepiemonte.com tries to go in this direction , discovering the typical products of Piedmont, which helped form the Piedmontese gastronomic culture through the years and bringing them right to your door , thanks to e-commerce .

Piedmont is a region where history is passed many times leaving many signs . From the domination of the Roman Empire from which the original plant of the city of Turin and the Piedmont of many other countries . The conquest by the House of Savoy title of King and the subsequent struggle for the independence of the kingdom . The French invasions that followed the French Revolution. The struggles for the emancipation of minorities such as the Waldensians . Until the partisan war . All these historical events have profoundly affected the culture and nutrition and products typical of Piedmont.



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